Sunday, January 10, 2010

For The kids in Juvenile Detention

For the kids in Juvenile Detention
Our latest Cd, download it on itoonz and rock out to the singles. Some of my favorite songs on it are "Real freeks in the club" and "Speedos and an Abraham Lincoln Hat". Of course this cd is dedicated to all the kids behind bars. many of wich are serving time for crimes they never committed. I really Love this cd, Pick it up if you can.

Track Listing

  • 01. The Courtroom Introduction ft. Judge Brad
  • 02. This ones for the kids
  • 03. 187 in Lake Hillz ft. J City and The Bomb
  • 04. Drink more water
  • 05. Krystaleene
  • 06. Kool Dreamz
  • 07. Bloody Vampires from outer space.
  • 08. Song X ft. Lil Nasty
  • 09. Welcome to the shrubz
  • 10. Keep it in your pants you rascal
  • 11. Real Freakz up in the club!
  • 12. Speedos and an Abraham Lincoln hat. Ft. Lil Nasty
  • 13. And there you have it!


  • Rappy Mcrappperson
  • J-City
  • Brad Navratil

Production Notes

  • Released Jan. 2010
  • Produced by Rappy McRapperson and Dj. Bizzel
  • Recorded at Dj Bizzel Studios Lake Hillz, WA
  • Beats by: DJ BIZZEL, BEN PETTY, James Theht Iannarelli

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