Thursday, November 20, 2008

Video for "Fight The Man"

Yea! The people fight back with the power of song. "Fight the man" Off the "Expand your Butthole" Album.

This vid was really fun to make. Im "fighting the man" by kicking shrubz for no reason. Also, This video starts the homie Jan, who is frikkin hilarious. Also, the super sexy Samantha. Who has some really sweet boobs.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Expand Your Butthole

Rappy McRapperson's Expand Your Butthole, 2008
Oh hell ya. The coolest thing about this Cd was the cover. I am coming out of a ladies butthole. Notice THE BOMB, looking sexxy as hell. There are some ok songs on it. I like "A horse and a cow" and a few others. "Popinfloss took a dump on my bed" is pretty sweet. Other than that this CD was kind of lame. We ended up animating a bunch of the songs on this album and they turned out pretty sweet.

Track Listing

  • 01 intro
  • 02 The bomb
  • 03 XMass
  • 04 Fight the man
  • 05 A horse and a cow
  • 06 Boztex
  • 08 Its going down
  • 09 Narbarbs
  • 10 Outro
  • 11 Poppinfloss
  • 12 24 inch rims spinning
  • 13 salaboo
  • 14 Xmass
  • 15 Truck stop girl
  • 16 Outro


  • Rappy Mcrappperson

Production Notes

  • Recorded at Dj Bizzel Studios Lake Hillz, WA
  • Produced by Rappy McRapperson and DJ Bizzel

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