Monday, January 1, 2001

Wigger Than Jesus

Rappy McRapperson's Wigger Than Jesus, 2001
Ok everyone, now we go to the beginning. The one that started it all. The Fucking shit I took when I was 18.  The original "Wigger than Jesus" This Cd has the "Im a gangster" song on it. Currently in the top 40 itunes comedy charts.Its a fucking crime against humanirty that it's my most popular song. I gotta put in some work and promote the fuck out of some newer stuff. As for the Album, there are a bunch of great songs on it. "Retarded Love" "Government Experiments" "Yo Im really Cool" "Pirates and Robots rule the world" and "Nasty Skanks" to name a few. Plus an amazing Introductory track by my grandpa. 70 percent of it was recorded in Ben Petty's Garage. The other 30 percent recorded at SWIRL MASTERS crack shack in Lake Hillz.