Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Second Best Show Ever!...Now with FREE METH!!!

What are you doing Saturday, February 12 at 9:00pm???
 Check out this sexy flier!
Acquitted nursing home pornographers  Rappy McRapperson and Mc Wreckshin will be hanging out and smoking meth with the YOU! Were going to be playing songs off "The Second Best Mixtape Ever"  

And just chilling with our friends Zombies Organize. 
 Zombies Organize are an awesome band, and it is an honor to open up for them. They are awesome for many reasons . Here is one- An internet meme that they made into a song. Unlike most internet memes that get made into songs , this one is actually good.

Listen to the audio..

Notice the snare thingy or kick drum thingy going up and down the scale- Notice the deep soulful synths in the chorus. These guys are ON FIRE! After the show were going to do some recording as well. Top Secret Stuff that will blow your mind this summer.

The show is:
February 12 at 9:00pm 
Location:    Propaganda
6 South J Street
Lake Worth, FL

Make sure to bring TONS of Meth. Everyone will be smoking meth and dancing, just like woodstock except with way more meth.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

R.I.P. Old Internet

Party Factory workers.

The internet is like a train or a rocket. It is very speedy.
You may have noticed that looks alot more sexy now, with many shiny buttons and links and ways to share stuff. I dont know how to use most of them, but that is ok, because you are praububly way smarter. Anyways, There were 4 horrible deaths related to the new websight construction. They were too big and blocky and couldnt squeeze through the toobz.....They were quickly replaced by smaller and more shiny links to our facebook , youtube and twitter, but still....R.I.P. to these little jpg's.  We salute you.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cat Licks Bongo Drum- Too hot for tv!!

Party Factory workers.... Are you guys sitting down?? The good people at McRapperson video services have released a SHOCKING video. TOO HOT FOR TV!!! Its entitled "Cat licks Bongo Drum" and it will shock you to the core. You must be over 30 years old to watch this shocking Video!!!

Be sure to Share this shocking video with your friends!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Talking shit and Telling Lies

Rock Hard Bonerz!!!
Rappy McRapperson gets interviewed on the Big Beef Bueno Podcast-
Its a whole hours worth of narcissistic incoherent ramblings!! Horay!

Check out here the whole situation here:

Or Download the podcast episode directly right here: