Thursday, January 13, 2011


Attention Party Factory Workerz- Awesome news- My Friend Alex organized and uploaded a bunch of my Artwork!  You can check out all of them here!  Some of the drawings are single paneled comics- Such the now infamous "Worlds first blowjob"!

               Is the Stegosaurus horny- or has it just mistaken the T rex weener for a leaf?  
That is a mystery that historians have been debating for eons.

The art page features some funny (And not so funny) comics, but most of the drawings from were made for the "Cartoon Video Project" from laff year.

      In the summer of 2009 my girlfriends apartment lease was almost up- and all her roommates moved out- I pulled a patented McRapperson slick willy move, and quickly moved in. Then I turned her living room into a make-shift art studio. I locked myself in her apartment for 3 weeks. No TV, no internet, just a box of colored sharpies and regular paper. The intent was to make cartoons for some of my past songs- It was pretty interesting, I just drew pictures and smoked cigarettes all day. But then around week 3 I started to develop cabin fever, and went a bit loony. I did have a radio, and during this time, Patrick Swayze died. It was very painful to hear that shitty news, but I persevered and finished the artwork, drawing about 10-15 pictures a day.

Here is a video of me during this time.

And much more importantly-  Here is some of the final Product! 

Yay! Have a great day everybody! Here that whistle??
It is now 5 pm, Time to punch out your time cards-
The Party Factory is now closed for the day :)

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