Friday, October 1, 2010


Halloweeniez by Rappy McRapperson and IllGill
Rappy McRapperson chilling in Hollyweird with Ill Gill.
We decieded to record an EP about Halloween. The EP is awesome and recently won an Award. The coveted fart award! Congratulations men! Keep up the good werk!!

Track Listing

1. Camel Back
3. Cardboard Wizzies
4. Nemoy
5.Kabuto Diss
6. Shwag Fail
7. So Pretty
8. Bad Off sick


  • Rappy Mcrappperson, Ill Gill, Young Stroke

Production Notes

  • Recorded at Ill Gill CrackShack Studios Hollywood CA
  • Produced by Ill Gill

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A free Download!

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