Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just Beets

McRapperson Productional Facilities is mortified to announce the release of a new and free CD, “Just Beetz”. Just Beetz is a compilation of beets we’ve made throughout the years. Some of them you have heard before. Some are brand new. Great music for car rides, motorcycle rides,  or pumping iron at the gym. Or maybe you want to do some karaoke, record your own showtoonz, or use it as background music for your next project.  The options are limitless!

Track List

 1. Lake Hillz
    2. Bill and ted
    3. My Shoulder hurtz
    4. LYOBPD
    5. Itz a Frizbee
    6. Zaida Beet
    7. Fish Sticks
    8. Fanny Pack
    9. J popz
    10. Magical
    11. Southbound 15
    12. Hava
    13. Cheeze cakes
    14. Hipetee
    15. Fashin
    16. Quack Attack
    17. Duckmaster
    18. Diereah
    19. G tonez
    20. Whatever
    21. Zaida Beet FTG

Dowload here:

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