Monday, January 1, 2007

Level X Gangsta Shit

Rappy McRapperson's Level X gangsta Shit, 2007
Ahh yes. Level x gangta shit. This CD was cool. It Had a few good songs on it, THE BOMB really shines on this one. The cd cover is classic. Look at THE BOMB. Notice he is wearing a cast on his arm. One fine day he asked a girl out on a date, she said "no, leave me alone!" The Bomb then screams out" WHAT! WHY NOT!" Then he got up and punched the wall so hard he broke his wrist. This was in front of about 30 people. Classic stuff here. I like most of songs on this album. "The Lake Hillz potato sack derby race" is one of my favorites.

Track Listing

1.Intro (ft. The Bomb)
2. Smear The Diereeah ft. The Bomb
3. Balling Outa control Ft. The Bomb and Udip
4. The Bombfather Ft. The Bomb
5. This is why Im cold Ft. The Bomb
6. I'm Not afraid Anymore
7. The Lake Hillz Potato sack Derby race
8. Bark with me if your my Dogg
9. Things that are scary
10. I'm Grounded Ft. The Bomb
11. Under the Sea ft. IGB
12. McRapperson Baby
13. Feel The Love ft. The Bomb
14. Outro Ft. The Bomb


    • Rappy Mcrappperson, The Bomb, IGB, Udip

    Production Notes

      Recorded at Avast 2 studios, Seattle WA
      Beetz by: Ben Petty

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